The Grotto “alla Bellavista“ was bought by Ignatius Bundi in 2015. After a longer planning and approval phase the renovation work is completed since June 2018.

The „new“ Grotto was designed by friend and architect Ivano Gianola from Lugano, known beyond the country's borders, implemented it with a lot of love, expertise and dedication.

The «Grotto Bundi Alla Bellavista» is part of a nucleus of 46 Grotti which are situated in an unique and idyllic position, they were built over the last centuries. Of this nucleus, only 3 Grotti are restaurants and are open to the public during the season. According to current knowledge (Prof. Lurati, former Professor at the Basilea University) the nucleus~dei Grotti di Cama~ are certainly the most important in the Grigioni area and also one of the most characteristic in Switzerland, because they represent all as so far known typologies of the Grotti.

In 2018 the Grotti di Cama was included in the program of the 8 projects of „cultural heritage“ promoted at national level in the Swiss fund for its landscape.

During the restructuring phase of «Grotto Bundi Alla Bellavista» the characteristics of a typical Grotto of the South of the Alps have been respected in detail.
The old part of the Grotto (where cheese, wine and dry meat were preserved) has been left in its original state.
The original tables and benches made with granite of the region have only been restored. The boccia field is new and responds to international measures. What is new, made with care and charm, is the restaurant part with an open modern kitchen and the gourmet, will be able to appreciate exquisite dishes of the region.

Grotto «BUNDI ALLA BELLAVISTA» is located in a very beautiful, idyllic chestnut forest in the municipality of Cama. Cama is located in the Mesolcina valley, canton Grigioni on the San Bernardino road that from Lugano and Bellinzona continues to Chur, and can easily be reached.

Here you can get more information about the Grotti di Cama!